Mythological Route Trek

Mythological Route Trek

Day to Day Itinerary for Mythological route trek || May 2018 ||

28.05.2018 : Reporting at Haridwar & pickup at 7 am & reach to Kalpeswar & stay.

29.05.2018 : Stay at Kalpeswar.

30.05.2018 : Kalpeswar To Dumak (10 km) by trek & stay.

31.05.2018 : Dumak to Toli Bugiyal (9km) by trek n stay.

01.06.2018 : Toli Bugiyal to Panar Bugiyal (9km) by trek n stay.

02.06.2018 : Panar Bugiyal to Rudranath (7km) by trek n stay.

03.06.2018 : Rudranath to Hans Bugiyal via Naila Pass (7km) by trek n stay.

04.06.2018 : Hans Bugiyal to Anusua Devi Temple by trek (12 km down) n stay .

05.06.2018 : Anusua Devi Temple to Mondal by trek (5km) & move to Chopta by car & stay at Chopta.

06.06.2018 : Chopta to Tungnath by trek n back to Chopta n stay.

07.06.2018 : Chopta to Kanakchuri by car n stay. 08.06.2018 : Kanakchuri to Karthikswami Temple (3km) by trek n back to Kanakchuri n move to Haridwar by car.

Pick up now drop : Haridwar to Haridwar. Cost : per head Rs 18,000 including all entry fees, Porter-guide, food, transport, accommodation, rucksack, sleeping bag, tent, & equipment(for team). Porter will carry only team equipment n provisions.
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