Our Commitment to Intelligent Travel

At Destination Himalaya, our primary mission is to successfully fulfill our “Commitment To Intelligent Travel.” We are committed to ensuring travel that is both ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive. Out of respect for the natural environment and the people of the regions in which we operate, we uphold the highest standards of low-impact and sustainable tourism. Our goal is to ensure a mutually beneficial encounter between our clients and the proud people of Asia, and to help preserve the pristine beauty of this special land by continually striving to exceed “industry-best standards.”

Our “Commitment to Intelligent Travel” stresses education and understanding. We do our utmost to educate our clients about the destinations they will visit prior to their departure, during their time in Asia, and after they return home. We realize that an adventure to Asia may be a once in a lifetime experience for our clients, however, we hope that their trip merely whets their appetite and enhances what for many becomes a lifelong love affair with the region. This is why many of our clients continue to join us on subsequent Asian adventures.

Travel is education and escape, an awakening of the senses. Travel is cutting loose to enter the unknown, allowing us to come home and see our world with fresh eyes. Travel is what most of us long to do. It connects us to others and brings us to a greater understanding of ourselves. Those of us who are travelers truly appreciate what we gain by visiting other lands, by stepping out of our comfortable homes and seeing life as it is in various parts of the world. This is certainly an important part of what we do as tour operators – facilitate and enable our fellow travelers to benefit from all that our world has to offer. Yet, for us, this is not enough; it is equally important that we give back to the people and lands of Asia who are directly responsible for our livelihood.

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