We all love to travel and explore new places. Attraction to new and exciting experiences are undeniable. For mountain lovers like me it is impossible to ignore the call of the mesmerising beauty of the Himalayas. The magnetic allure of living life on the edge thrill most of the people. But sometimes,one’s physical health comes as an obstruction in the path of fulfilling their dreams..

Mr.DiptenduDutta, fondly known as Tutun Da, an avid trekker,nature lover and a person who calls The Himalayas as his “girlfriend”, the founder of Charonik, shared his story of how he saved a man’s life who suffered sudden Pulmonary Edema while on a hiking trip. Had he not been aware of the ways that can saved that man’s life at that crucial time, it could have been fatal. But now, he has been hiking and trekking for years now. He knows the trekking routes like the back of his hands!!

But what about the amateur trekkers? Being a doctor myself and a travel lover, this incident made me realise that travelling is not always fun and adventure.The Himalayas can be beautiful and deadly at the same time. So we better be prepared to face the adversities.

This article is about some basic precautions that a person can take before going on a hiking trip to the mountains because we all know “ Prevention is better than cure”!!


Eat healthy,Stay healthy

If you are trekking, physical fitness is very important. Avoid eating loads of junk food, drink lots of water and EXERCISE. This makes sure that your muscles do not fatigue easily. Otherwise those long uphill walks can lead to cramps and take a toll on your body. Altitude sickness and acclamatization problems in high altitudes can be a big hazard if you are not healthy and fit enough.



Discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons of going on a trekking trip about 6-7 weeks in advance. Immunize yourself from deadly diseases if not already done.

Screen for illnesses like Hypertension, Diabetes, Anemia, Ulcers and most importantly Asthma and Cardiovascular Diaseases.

Always remember that you don’t want to fall ill in a place where you will not get proper medical attendance. You do not want to spoil your trip and the others’ as well!!


Dental Check Up

Dental problems are not to be ignored or considered trivial. You don’t wat to come back from a hike simply because your “tooth hurts” !! Get a treatment done if the little pearls in your mouth are bothering you.


Medical Kit

Your medical kit/first aid box should contain these basic items :

  • Sunscreen
  • Bandages
  • Scissors and adhesive tapes
  • Topical antibiotic ointment
  • Water purifier solutions
  • Painkillers
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Anti-Emetics( Domperidone)
  • Hydrocortisone/ Prednisolone tablets
  • Nasal decongestant spray
  • Hand sanitizers

Packing is an integral part of going on a trip. Be sure to pack your necessary belongings well in advance for the trip. Last minute effort may lead to injury or over-training.

Now, coming to an important but simple medical procedure that everyone should know. You never know when it might come handy where you get to save a life.It is a simple procedure called CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. CPR is a life saving technique used in medical emergencies such as heart attack or cardiac arrest. To know more about CPR, Internet is your best friend! Just go to Youtube and learn about the procedure.


All these medical precautions may be hard to follow but a little bit of discipline will not only get you ready for the trek but will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.




ARTICLE BY : Dr. Debarati Kundu


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