Nature Study Camp

Charonik Treks N Tours is an expert in organizing Nature Study Camps in any geographical region in India. The goal is to achieve children’s feelings of their own environment in which they nourish and to let them live it close to them. It is also required to understand it – not for its labels and fables and fears – but as an intrinsic part of themselves. Also it an important aspect to create an image in their mind that how it is important of every content of this living world to maintain the balance of the living chain. Nature Study Camp is an Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Education Programme, that is committed to the use of experiential education programs to promote individual growth, and sensory awareness for both children and parents. It is a family based program.

Trekking in HIMALAYAS

Trekking is nothing but wandering in the mountains & woods, experiencing natures beauty, walking on paths which no vehicle can use. Sometimes easy sometimes steep but always showing breath taking views of mountains, clouds, plants, waterfalls or wilds. It includes combination of hiking and walking activity in which people take multi-days trips in mountain valley, sea cost, woods, desert or any unconventional terrain. Its like making a journey/trip on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas during days along lovely mountain terrains and enjoying nature. It concerns danger also.

Charonik Treks N Tours organizes treks in various mountain terrains. These treks are organized in the strives to satisfy the hunger of the most seasoned Trekker by giving them some thrilling adventure experiences, and also works on promoting the love for trekking in the most amateur trekkers. Charonik Treks N Tours handles every aspect of the journey and someone really not needed to concerns any headache during this as provides fooding, lodging, camping, journey ticketing, safety measures, portering etc.

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