People wonder why people trek to Himalayas? All of us might have seen those who trek, return to trek again and again. They keep trekking till they can, they get restless; some leave their jobs, some fight with their bosses to get leaves, they fight with their parents or loved ones to be there and trek to the mountains.

But why is this restlessness for trek to Himalayas?

Almost every walk in the Himalaya has the potential to turn into a hike. Almost every village in the mountains especially around the higher himalayan ranges will have trek-able peaks. And most of these have streams flowing by the side, with flocks of sheep grazing on grass. Even the stray dogs and cows are almost non disturbing here. You can truly experience the pristine rural beauty you have seen in the pictures since your childhood days.

A large part of the Himalayas are surrounded by small villages, luxury in staying is hardly available all around. Which means, if you decide to hike up the mountains, you got the opportunity to Talk to the locals, stay at their places and eat the foods they cook. Honesty & simplicity of their hospitality freshened up your mind & mood.

A trek to the Himalaya changes a human mind.  It refines human mind, and with each trek one does, he or she emerges out of the mountains as a new person all together. The massive, strong and dangerous  looking gigantic mountains standing in front of him or her softens heart and makes one realize that he or she is just a human being – Nature’s own creation, like any other being, No big,  No small, but certainly The special one. You may feel like a Nature’s Child. How big you might be for the society, Mother Nature teaches and preaches equality like no one else can.

Trekking in the Himalayas takes one deeper and higher into the mountains, a fairyland. with all its natural or super natural versatility, in forms of rivers, meadows, vast snowfield, glaciers, rains, snowfalls, clouds, sunrise, sunset, days, nights and variety of floras and faunas … everything performs a different play each day.    

Trekking in the Himalayas involves a lot of hard work, physical & mental strength and efforts. A mountain, which seems un-climbable, after sometime one realizes he or she is on the top of it. It’s a result of one’s effort, determination, patience and courage. Something, which was never realized earlier. Trekking purify human souls, boosts up spirits & morals, pumps positivity.

And finally, in the words of Reinhold Messner…

“From a hostile world, we brought nothing back but our experiences. And at the end of every journey to the limits, when we were back again among human beings, all we had left was our lives – lives that had been saved and now called out to be filled again, with challenges, goals and tasks.”

So it is the eternal spirit, which drives the human mind. And that Mind needs to be refuelled time to time for which we go for the trek to Himalayas.






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